When to photograph your pregnancy?

The best time for taking pregnancy photos is between your 7th and 8th month. Every pregnancy is different and not every mother goes through the pregnancy in the same way. Therefore the idea is to be photographed when you feel the most comfortable and have a nice round belly! On the final images you do not want your tummy to be too big or too small, right? This is why we’re here to advise you when is the perfect time to take pictures of your lovely baby bump.

If you are expecting multiples, it is advised to have your session a bit earlier, more like your 6th and 7th month.

The maternity photo session typically lasts up to 2 hours and can be done in the studio or on location, depending on your preferences.


Maternity styling

If you choose to take maternity pictures in my studio, you have the benefit to use my collection of maternity dresses at no charge. Over the years, I have collected more than 20 gorgeous dresses from all over the world in which you will look just amazing. Some of the dresses are available to see in the gallery.

Clients usually choose 3 – 4 clothing options for the studio session according to their preferences. Pregnancy photo sessions are meant to be simple and in a style that resembles you. In every case, you are very welcome to bring your own clothing in which we can also capture beautiful images.

Father and children

Husbands and children are very welcome to join maternity photo session for no additional charge.
Depending on the mother’s clothing – casual or formal, I suggest for the husband and the children to wear the same style. For a casual style, I suggest jeans with a simple, one color (no plaids) shirt avoiding logos or wording. For a formal style, I suggest a nice pair of slacks with a suit jacket or a button down collared shirt. Remember, the idea is that the final images resemble you.


Suggestion of what to bring

Ultrasound photos

Baby booties or anything special you want to include in the images

Your own clothes

Nude/white/black bra and strapless bra

Nude/white/black underwear

High-heeled shoes


Booking your Pregnancy photo shoot

When booking the pregnancy photo session I suggest you contact me 3 – 4 weeks ahead of time. Please call +385-994-018-845– Booking can be done by phone only.


Location and Ordering process

Pregnancy photo session can be held in my studio in Zagreb or outside in the nature. I do not travel to people’s home.
After photo session I schedule an in-person ordering appointment with you to review your images and choose your selections. Images will be ready to view one week after your session. Orders generally take 3-4 weeks and will vary depending upon products purchased.


I am looking forward to capturing your special moment!
For booking the session call +385-994-018-845


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